Fun Shoots

Tactical Firearms Academy is actively engaged in the shooting community and also sponsors or co-sponsors a number of events in South Florida.  Here are some of the fun shoots we participate in on a regular basis.


Subgun sunday – is a local event held at the TFA facility in Clewiston, Fl. every first Monday of the month. Open to shooters with a semi-auto or full auto carbine/submachine gun. To attend, please go to and find the correct event date and sign up.

 Steel Challenge – This is a monthly event held at Markham Park on the 4th Sunday of every month an is open to pistol caliber shooters. This is an all steel event with 5 stations and you have the chance to run each station 3 times. Many of our students regularly participate in this event.

 Palm Bay Sub-gun Match – Another monthly event that occurs on the first Sunday of the month at the Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club.  Focused predominantly on the select fire community, this match is open to anyone with a pistol caliber sub-gun or pistol caliber carbine. 


If you are interested in participating in any of these events with us, click on our calendar link below for more details or call us at (954) 274-6962.


(Click for Calendar of Events)