Student Refresher Program

Our Student Refresher Program is designed to help students maintain and perfect their existing skill levels at a reduced cost to the student.

If you decide to take a class with Tactical Firearms Academy, we are sure the skills we teach will be invaluable to you now and in the future. What happens if you have been busy and just haven’t made it back to the range in awhile to reinforce the skills you learned? Not a problem. Under our Student Refresher Program we allow students to re-take a course they completed for half-price, that’s right half-price!  The only requirement is that you take the refresher course within one year of course completion.  It’s that easy!

If you are interested in taking a course under the refresher program:

Signup as normal to any class

Make full payment.

Contact describing the Student Refresher Program Refund. (include Class, Date and previous Date of completion)

Sadly, we have removed the refresher program from the Force on Force classes. The reasoning is for the cost of hosting the class to TFA. We supply leased location, all the equipment; ammunition, firearms and contracted role players, etc. Everything has a wear and tear/depreciation each class which makes the profit margins extremely slim on each class.