Ladies of Tactical Firearms Academy

Ladies of Tactical Firearms Academy (LoTFA)


When I first starting to learn to shoot, I noticed it was a predominantly male sport. Often, I was the only woman in formal shooting classes. The few women I met were tagging along with their husbands/ boyfriends, mindlessly shooting at paper targets without a specific goal. If I had a question specific to women shooters, I had no other women to discuss with. Men tend to compete against one another with a mix of ego and testosterone. When I train with women in martial arts, I noticed they are very supportive and encouraging while trying to help others improve and share skills. When I started taking classes with Tactical Firearms Academy (TFA), I met more female shooters due to its supportive environment.
I decided to form the Ladies of Tactical Firearms Academy (LoTFA) in Jan 2017.  What first started as one female practice partner in Oct 2016 grew to become a group of 20+ women in 6 months. We are a support group of women shooters who offer encouragement and advice. Our main goal is to practice and train together to improve our shooting skills for self-defense through weekly practice sessions and monthly competitions. We help each other practice what we have learned in firearms classes. What sets us apart from many other women’s groups is our firm commitment to improving our skills as defensive shooters while having fun with drills and exercises in order to improve our tactical and competition shooting skills. Our training and practice are no different from the men, but it is done in a friendly and supportive environment. We welcome women shooters of all skill levels and experience. If you are a beginner, experienced shooters will help guide you. Experienced shooters challenge each other through drills. We schedule Ladies only classes, but recognize the importance of training with a variety of people and attend co-ed events as a group also.
TFA was the perfect home for LoTFA because of their emphasis on safety, mindset, and fundamentals in addition to their expertise, professionalism, and superior teaching ability. You will not feel like you are in the military with someone screaming at you, but will feel at ease and encouraged to ask questions. Since we all have undergone TFA training, our group can easily follow the same curriculum and maintain the same high standards of safety. TFA has made a long-term commitment to the LoTFA training and have gone above and beyond to provide high-quality training on a regular basis, supporting us with equipment, time, money, and resources. They have repeatedly provided extra review and practice sessions, constantly challenging us with increasingly high standards of proficiency. It is not uncommon to see our instructor one or more times a week.  Most other places, do not maintain such a close relationship or even interest in your shooting after you take their class. Moreover, you learn how to operate your firearm as you would in the street which is important if you want to train realistically. This is what we attribute our high level of competence to and what distinguishes TFA from other schools..
-Irene C.